Hello friends we will talk today about the cheapest phones that a new company has launched.. In just 3999/4499/4999 INR.

Now you are confused, how is this possible that someone selling a good quality phone in a range of just 4 to 5K. So friends there is a new company or u say a new website has comes in market.They are promoting their company in social media like facebook and instagram. And they also giving a advertisment on youtube and many more platforms. So lets see what is this. and whats the reason behind them to sell a good quality phones in such a low price.

So friends here is the look of a website. u can see a very low range mobiles are available here. Now the question is It is actually available.? So come and take a look about a whole website. How to hack someones FB account in a simple way

Now we are going to place a order and lets see is these possible. To bring this phones in such a low price.

So now lets click on Buy Now.

So now we are going to fill our details but the details are not correct we are giving them a wrong information. and why i m giving them a wrong information i will tell u at the end . so lets click on continue to payment method.How to check someone whtsapp messages by just knowing their phone number

So friends here we got a new page for payment. But we are not going to next. Because its not a genuine website they are just doing fraud with us. Because the mobiles they are challenging in their websites. These are just a copy of our genuine mobile Companies like Real Me. Samsung or many more Companies.There is no method for COD (Cash on Delivery). In case if we will place our order here and we will share our details of our Bank, UPI or pur wallets. So there is a chance to steal our information. So thats why friends, I personally suggest you Beware of these such a fraud websites.



Hello, I'm a newbie In this field but i will try to do my best ...


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