Hello friends, welcome to my website today we are going to discuss about the most popular game in our India. That is PUBG. So lets start start our today’s topic. Today we will know that why pubg was banned in india and why its going to un-ban now. So lets start this Interesting topic.

So friends You know about the game. But most of you have no idea about the history of the game. Where it comes from. Who is the owner of the game. How many partners in this game.


PUBG Banned in INDIA because of some safety reasons and its very good for us. You all know about the disease that is COVID-19 which is comes from a small city in CHINA (WUHAN). Because their scientist are going to research about this disease and unfortunately it was explored all over the world. And we dont know it was accidentally happened or it was a Pre-planned attack. After that in 5 may 2020 Our Indian army and Chinese army have engaged aggressively at location along the Sino-Indian Border, including near the disputed Pangong lake in Ladakh.

Additional clashes also took place at locations in eastern ladakh along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). In late may chinese forces objected to indian road construction in the Galwan River valley. According to indian sources melle fighting on 15/16 june 2020 resulted in the deaths of our 20 soldiers(including an officer) and casualties of 43 Chinese soldier (including the of an officer).

After this incident our Government had decided that we are going to boycott all chinese products and the all sources which are running in our india. That the reason a few days ago our Government banned the chinese apps. Beacause of the safety reasons and to harm china financially. And PUBG was also banned in india.

After the PUBG banned in INDIA china was so much affected financially it was a great news for us. They lost their $14 million dollar or 2% shares after the ban in a single day only.

But as we know that the PUBG is not a Chinese game then how they affected so i will tell you the reason. As we all know that the PUBG is a South Korean game. But the developer of the PUBG mobile is Tencent gaming and it is the Chinese company. This is the big reason to ban PUBG Mobile in India.

But know PUBG is going to un-ban in India. Beacuse it is the most popular game in all over the world. So PUBG Corporation has decided that they are going to break their partnership with Tencent gaming. Now the south korean company will take full charge of PUBG Mobile. And it was officialy anounced by PUBG Mobile. So don’t think that this is a rumors.

This is the good news for our gaming community, E-sports, and all the others who was affected from this ban banned in india. Now they will happy alot and i will also.

If you want to read the official annoucment click here PUBG.

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