Hello friends, Today we are doing one more amazing trick here. So let’s start Guys. If you want to see from your home whats your friend or your girlfriend doing in his/her home. But you don’t want them to know that you can see them. So follow these steps. to hack their cameras.

STEP 1 -: Open your browser and search Trackview app and install it on your mobile. or your LAPTOP. Krypton phone in just rs 3999

STEP 2 -: Open it and then sign in with your google account. Hack Whatsapp

Then You can see a new page will raised where you can control your victims camera. But before that you have to do same thing in your victims phone. it means You have to download there a same app and then login with that the same account which you are using to control their mobile. Call anyone without showing your number and without a sim card

STEP3 -: Take your victims phone and install the same app.

STEP4 -: Sign in with the same account. and then give them phone back. Now come to your Pc and start controlling their camera without knowing them. Now you can see what he/she is doing.This way you can keep an eye on them. Hack Facebook Account

NOTE -: This is for educational purpose Don’t use it in a wrong way.



Hello, I'm a newbie In this field but i will try to do my best ...


Suzie Benoit Deb · August 10, 2020 at 4:56 am

hello I love the header of your blog, it is a personal creation? Suzie Benoit Deb

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