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As per the 2020 Hacker Report is a benchmark study of the bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure ecosystem, detailing the efforts and motivations of hackers from the 170 countries who represent the hacker community and they are working to protect 1700+ companies and goverment agencies.

Ethical hackers are those proffesional who choose hacking methods to serve a great purpose inn the world with a good intent to benifit others. These guide is for those||

  • No knowledge of ethical hacking SO we start with basic.
  • If you are waiting for an opportunity of Ethical Hacking with the limited experience. Lets start

These guide for our beginners who are thinking that we have to learn about Ethical Hacking and we have to earn some knowledge about these course . One of the important requirement for you to became an Ethical Hacker would be your desire and your intent to think different from others. Call anyone without showing your number

If you want to try your hand in Cyber security then you have to know that this is a vast industry with numerous domains like application security, digital forensic and network security which is sometime further clasified into other branches. So you should be aware of your before you take your first step in this route. But if you have already seted up your mind to became an ethical hacker so stay with us.

What’s the Reason to choose Ethical hacking as a Carrer

Ethical hackers always have a responsibilities to deal with a Cyber threat. An ethical hacker not only safe the data but it also responsible for taking preventing measure step to avoid the security breach from threat. It does poses a great a carrer scope and the salary package is another fascinating aspect of it. However if you are still unsure of pursuing ethical hackinng as a carrer, the the listed reason will serve s food for thought. The story of internet Quite intresting

1. Scope for Carrer with amazing salary.

In india on an average a Certified ethical hacker earns an average salary of Rs 3,67,249 per year which increases with experience upto more than 15 lakh per year. The top employers of certified hacker in india include:

  1. Crypto Mize – INDIA
  2. Tvisha Technologies -HYDERABAD
  3. R.R Films – KOLKATA
  4. Craw security – KANNUR

The scope for this carrer route is increasing with each passing year. It has been noticed that the goverment agencies (military, law enforcement department, and national intelligence departments) and private organizations both are hiring cyber security experts though it firms are primary recruiters of ethical hackers, usually under the title of a penetration tester, security analyst, cybersecurity engineer, network security administrator, and a few others. Apart form that service providers like Airlines,Hotels and financial institutions arealso hiring certified ethical hackers to protect their sensitive data.

2 Growing job market for certified ethical hacker

The job outlook for it security is expected to grow by 32% from 2018 to 2028. The reason behind this rise is growing frequency of cyber threats and security incidents. To deal with incidents, we need a strong line of defense, that includes Ethical Hackers

3. Perfect way to enter other domains of cyber security

An ethical hacker passes through knowledge of network security,Network administrator, application security and lots of other platforms. There are lots of organization who is looking for professionals with those specialized knowledge candidates what are they looking for.

  • Security analyst
  • Security engineer
  • Security architect
  • Security administrator
  • Security software developer
  • Cryptographer
  • Cryptanalyst
  • Security consultant
  • Web security administrator/Manager
  • Network defense technicians

The list doesn’t end here these are only few profiles that can ethical hacker can easily fit. There are lots of more work profiles for this meta or this route.

Guide to become a Certified Ethical Hacker

1 .Understand what is ethical hacking why we are doing this.

Ethical hacking can be defined as a simple approach to defending the system and network security of an organization by exploiting its existing vulnerabilities and weakness and strength. Ethical hackers follows the same methods and techniques of a malicious hacker for finding vulnerabilities, which will later be fixed. Unlike black hat hackers, Ethical hacker offer their services only when they are lawfully and legitmately employed to do so. These hired professional report all their findings to managment board of the firm.

2. Skills required to start carrer as an ethical hacker.

If you are looking yourself as an ethical hacker then you have to upgrade yourself continuously as per the trend. You ned to know the sound technical knowledge of certain scripting or coding programming languages such as (HTML, JSP, ASP, C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON) or any other strong language.

According to joblift 3,240 ethical hacker jobs have been posted in the uk inthe last 24 months, with these positions increasing by 4% on average each month. In comparison, during the same time frame around 3,297 Google searches for ethical hacker jobs were recorded in the UK, with these demands increasing by 12% monthly on an average. These statics suggest that while the ethical hacker job market is increasing at a rate in line with the average for the UK’s whole job market (4% monthly), the demand for jobs is currently outweighing supply. The below listed skills are revealed by joblift.

  • 70% job vacancies look for candidates holding accredited certifications.
  • 25% of job vacancies are subjected to candidates with the knowledge of programming language.
  • 22% of job vacancies are meant for those candidates who can security check.

Employers also look for soft skills, which includes your attitude, confidence, communication skills, passion, flexibility and innovative nature before hiring you as an ethical hacker.

Certifies Network Defender

An ethical hacker needs to have extensive knowledge of security. You need to have a through understanding how to operate networks, various security controls, protocols, topologies, inticrate nature of network traffic, firewall configuration, vulnerability scanning of a network and a lot more. For that deep understaanding, EC-Council offers you a comprehensive skill-based program which is not only designed after intense job market research but is also recognized by the Department of Defense.

Certified Ethical Hacker

This is another important step in your journey. Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program will start by helping you learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking. Then gradually build concepts like footprinting, network scanning, system hacking, sniffing, session hijacking, web servers and web applications hacking, and many other major subject matters. This programs always get updated as per the market demand of the contemporary world. For instance, updated C|EH programs include Iot hacking, cloud computing, vulnerability analysis, and much more. With that, to adapt proffesional ethical hackinng skills, you will be exposed to real-time scenarios in a virtual environment.

Other important Tips

1 Practice and self learning

You should understand the importance of practicing your gained technical knowledge and learning other trending ethical-hacking related skills. The evolution of your knowledge is one of the most required steps that you need to take. You can do this by reading articles, watching videos and interacting with experts.

2 Think out of the box

If you want to stand out from the crowd so innovation is the key . you don’t need to follow the same path as other ethical hackers do.

3 Look for more information

All the information is just click away. If you find some subject matter difficult or intresting, then try learning more about it. These days, the internet is the key to all of your queries.



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