Hello friends as you know we get internet through our service provider.Like BSNL, IDEA,AIRTEL. But have you ever wondered from where the service provider gets INTERNET.So Let’s know the secret of INTERNET.

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We use the Internet through the cable to which we speak optic fiber cable or Submarine cable. One wire of this cable is as thin as our hair.And each of his wire has a speed of 100GBPS. But if we use in mobile then where is the cable in mobile. So friends, The network we get it from the mobile tower and the same cable is connected as far as we need to go and far as our traffic goes. Now i will tell you in simple way that the internet we get is available through 3 different companies.

The first company is Tier 1 company, which has laid its cable inside the sea in the whole world. Internet is also free if you guys also lay cable from your home to office and anyhere you need the internet just connect the cable from your home to that pc which you wants to connect.Then you will get the connection, just the money you spent for that wire and for its maintenance. Our tier 1 company also does the same thing. They also laid the cable under the sea in all over the world.Now we all connected from country to country. Now it will divide from the country to the city then reach us.

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Now comes to the tier 2 company .What is the job of this company. Tier 2 company’s job is to get connection from tier 1 company. Like tier 1 company has added the connection from country to country, now we have to take connections with them within the cities. Like in india it is a cable joint in places like Mumbai,Chennai, Cochin. Now tier 2 company has taken these cables inside the city.They setup their towers and setup the entire infrastructure. How was jio able to bring connectivity in india as it was also in laying setup for 5 years..Because of these we are getting to use internet at such a low rate. Because now Reliance has their own setup. Sometimes network speed slows down because of the multiple users of same network. Like imagine we have a Jio network tower, Now we have set bandwidth at that is 100MBPS. Now there is a 4g Network. In such a situation a person will gets 20 MBPS speed. While doing this only 5 people will get that speed of 4G. Similarly each of their Network tower has selected bandwidth. As there is more rush in your area so the network will be slow down. Because their bandwidth is set now they such as 2GBPS or 4GBPS, Now they have to distributed from this. Then it reaches us. Like almost everyone sleeps in your area at night. So sometimes you got a good speed.

Relaiance jio has its own submarine cable. He has already laid down his Optic Fibre cables in ASIA, AFRICA and EUROPE. That’s why he gives you the free internet.Because they have already invested their money in those cables and setups..They did’nt spend any money after this, Now whatever they will be spend for the maintainence of that cable only. That too once in 25 year. Similarly Reliance gives us free internet sometimes.

Now comes tier 3 company which will take cables from tier 2 company to its network. And then they will provide us .

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