In our global area there are many “Types of Hackers” who can work for individually or under the organization. In previous blog we have discussed about the Three types of Hackers. Which is Red Hat, White Hat and grey Hat Hackers. And today we will discuss about The Rest of hackers which is..

  • Blue Hat Hacker. …
  • Red Hat Hacker. …
  • Script Kiddie. …
  • Green Hat Hacker. …
  • Social Engineering Hackers.


A Blue Hat hackers is a newbie in comparison of Black Hat or White Hat Hacker. They also do Hacking but not for any purpose they do it just for taking a revenge from someone who make them angry. They have no desire for learning and they do only simple Cyber Attacks. Like Flooding your IP with overloaded packets which will results in DoS attacks.

Blue Hat Hacker just use script kiddies in simple way. We can say that they are using the another hackers scripts or tools to damage their enemy Or someone they want to take a revenge on. They work for his them self not for any organization. His main motive is to take a revenge only. They do not work for money. They just do it for his self satisfaction.

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Red Hat Hackers have an agenda similar as a White Hat Hacker. In simple words we can say that Red Hat Hackers prevent Black Hat Hackers from doing their work which is illegal. Red Hat Hackers halting the act of Black Hat Hacker. However, there is a major difference in the way they operate. They are ruthless when it comes to deal with Black Hat Hackers.

Instead of reporting the malicious attack, they believe in taking down the black hat hackers completely. Red Hat Hacker will launch a series of aggressive cyber attacks and malware on the hacker that the hacker may as well have to replace the whole system.


Script Kiddie Hackers is like a amateur Hackers. They don’t know about the hacking skills. They just do it for their fun or impress their friends. They just using the hacking tools which is developed by someone else because they don’t care about the tools or coding. They only do it to gain attention.

However, they don’t care about learning. By using off-the-shelf codes and tools, these hackers may launch some attacks without bothering for the quality of the attack. Most common cyber attacks by Script kiddies might include Dos and DDos attacks.


These hackers are amateurs in the online world of Hacking. Consider them script kiddies but with a difference. These newbies has to desire full-blown hackers and they are very curious to learn. you may find them engrossed in the hacking communities bombarding their fellow hackers with the question. Because they are very curious to learn about the hacking tools or the coding.

You can identify them by their spark to grow and learn more about the hacking trade. Once you answer a single question, the hackers will listen with undivided attention and ask another question until you answer all their queries. First they will take knowledge for the specific hacking tools they will try it. Because they are not like a Script Kiddie who wants to get attention only. They do it for their learning.


Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. The types of information these criminals are seeking can vary, but when they try to individuals target. They trying to trick you into giving them your password or bank information or any of your account. That they can get access into your system or your personal life.

For example instead of trying to finding a software vulnerability, a social engineer might call an employee and pose as an IT support person, trying to trick the employee into revealing his password.

Social engineering has proven to be a very successful way for a criminal to get inside your organization. Once a social engineer has a trusted employees password, he can simply login and snoop around for sensitive data. With an access a card or code in order to physically get inside a facility, the criminal can access data, steal assets or even harm people.

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