Difference between Black Hat,White Hat and Grey Hat Hackers.

What is Black and White Hat Hackers. What are the difference between Black Hat and White Hat Hacker. And How will they work ? So, Hello Friends, welcome back again in our website. Today we will discuss about What is Black Hat and White Hat Hacker ? And How many types of Hackers in our Globe. In previous toipc we have discussed about How to start a career in Ethical Hacking. And today we are going to discuss about the hackers. How many types of hackers in between us and we will also discuss about their work. And then you can choose that which types of hacker you would be in future or your upcoming days.

Hacking often refers to the unauthorized attacks in your computer or your networks. Its normally done by one or more than one hackers. It can be anyone like you and me or someone else who knows about the coding and the hacking knowledge. They can work solo or under the organization that has the motive to secure your computer networks or destroy your networks. Their are many organization who hire the hackers for themself. These hackers use their skills to find vulnerable areas, weak points of the organization and the loop holes. It can helps the organization to secure them from the malicious hackers who wants to breach the security of their organizations.

Types of hackers around the globe

In our globe basically their are 7 to 8 Types of Hackers. Today we will discuss briefly about the 3 types of hacker which are Black,White and Grey Hat Hacker. And the rest of all we will discuss in our next blog so stay tune with us.

  • Black Hat Hacker
  • White Hat Hacker
  • Grey Hat Hacker
  • Blue Hat Hacker
  • Red Hat Hacker
  • Script Kiddie
  • Green Hat Hacker
  • Social Engineering Hacker

So lets start with our 1 type of Hacker which is Black hat Hacker.


A Black hat word sounds like a Hollywood movie character where a black hat character looks like a bad guy. A Black hat hacker work individually he work for his own-self. They attempt to gain unauthorized entry into the network or a system where they can exploit everything in the server or a network. They can provide us a huge damage. They try to inflict damage by compromising security systems,changing the function of website or network and then can also shut down the systems. And its not enough yet they will access your password of your social media or your financial accounts or your personal information and if they will get these information they will harm you and your privacy.

Their primary motivation is usually for personal or financial profit. But they can also be involved in Cyber-spying, protest or perhaps they are just addicted to the thrill of cyber crime. Black Hat Hackers will spread malware in your network. Their aim is to steal your data and your logins in networks. They will not only steal your data, they destroy it also. Black Hat Hackers will not work under any organization, they will do this for their-self, because of money or because of addiction.


White Hat Hackers are opposite of Black Hat Hackers they will be the good guys. White Hat Hackers use their skills in good works they will not harm anybody or they will also known as “Ethical Hacker”. They will work under the organization or in a company as a employee. They will work as security specialist or analyst. White Hat Hackers they will also use the same method like Black Hat Hackers. But they do it with the permission of the owner of the Company which make this process legal. They will protect their organization form the Black Hat Hackers. Their job is to do security testing and check loop holes which can cause malicious attacks. They are trained ethical hackers he also does its course only then is called a certified “White Hat Hacker or Ethical Hacker”. And that’s the thing which creates a difference between Black Hat and White Hat Hackers.


Grey Hat Hackers also exploit the network and system in the way of Black Hats Hacker do But they don’t want to harm anyone they will just try to search a loop holes or the weak point of your network or system where they can enter easily in your system then they will inform the owner that you have to be fixed this issue as soon as possible to protect your network form the malicious attack. Sometimes they get paid-ed for their work. And Sometime they will just surf the net and try to found any loop holes or a weak point of any network without the permission of owner this will also goes illegal because they tried to enter someone network without his permission. But their intention is not harm you they will just notify you that your system has contains one or more than one vulnerabilities so fix it immediately. If the owner does not respond or comply then sometime the hackers will post the newly found exploit online for the world to see. They are just looking to get something out of their discoveries for themselves.

So here are our 3 main types of hackers which are usually get attention in globe most probably. And the rest of the hackers also have their work in their own area. They will also work for organization or individually. We will discuss about all of the rest hacker in our next BLOG. So Stay tune with us and please share your comments if you think that it was a helpful topic for you. Your comments will give me more inspiration and i will keep uploading this type of blog.

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